Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic Cruising on board Mazu

Released at Last!

After about 12 weeks of lockdown, at least for those aged 65 or older (Howard), the restrictions were lifted last week (between the hours of 10:00 to 20:00) and on June 16 we finally departed Finike marina. Our feelings were rather mixed, after over 8 months there, apart from interludes in the UK and US, we had become accustomed to life in this Turkish part of the Med; good friends,.. Read More

Lockdown in Turkey, but no Midnight Express

We find ourselves, at the end of March, still on ‘cell/dock #50’ in Finike marina, Turkey. Our plans, like many others, placed on hold due to the current pandemic. The boat is ready to go, with her bottom painted and essential maintenance tasks completed. There is just nowhere to go. The advice from the marina staff was too stay put, just in case the rules changed and we were not.. Read More

Finike – our winter home

It’s the second week of November and we are still in shorts and sandals, although it does cool down at night and the days are becoming a lot shorter. The pace of life here is quite slow and, accordingly, quite pleasant. The tourist season is over and traveling to explore our local environs is without hassle. Many of the ‘boat people’ have also departed, returning to their cold northern homes,.. Read More


Kekova is a long island separated from mainland Turkey by a stretch of water known as Kekova Roads.  There are multiple well protected anchorages off Kekova Roads, two of which we have tried.  From Kas, it was an uneventful 3.5 hour trip to Üçagiz Limani, which has a relatively narrow entrance off Kekova Roads but then opens up to a huge fairly shallow bay.  We dropped the anchor in 12.. Read More

Karacaören, Kalkan and Kas

With the afternoon wind being southerly, we had to beat out of Gocek.  Being cruisers we usually try our best not to go to windward but here we had plenty of time and a nice wind so we did put in a few tacks and had some very pleasant close-hauled sailing.  However, tacking Mazu, a cutter-rigged boat, was a very different experience from that onboard Melodrama, a modern sloop, in.. Read More

Turkey – ports in Fethiye Bay

When we were planning our cruising of the Turquoise coast, Jim suggested we could easily spend at least 4 nights in Fethiye Bay.  He was right and we can certainly understand why Jim and Tina love to come back year after year to cruise these waters.  This bay in particular, surrounded by vast cliffs and tree-lined terrain, has an indented coast and islands on either side of it but with.. Read More

Turkey – Ports near Marmaris

For our first sail with Jim and Tina, we chose Ciftlik, less than 12 miles south of Marmaris, but we ended up logging 16 miles after beating into the wind.  It was an interesting sail.  We started off at about noon with about 1.5 knots of wind and ended up with 15 – 20 knots by 3pm.  We have come to realize that late morning/afternoon onshore winds are the norm.. Read More

Rhodes to Marmaris, Turkey

It is hard to believe that we have been in Turkey for about three weeks now …. time has flown by, probably because we have been having such a lovely time.  The 25nm sail across from Rhodes to Marmaris was fairly fast with wind a bit aft of the beam most of the way until we were within a few miles of Marmaris.  Checking into Turkey was made simple for.. Read More


The passage from Pigadhia, Karpathos to Lindos, Rhodes was about 57 nautical miles so we set off earlier than usual, shortly after 8 am.  We still had to make good speed in order to arrive and be settled well before dark.  Initially, it seemed the wind was teasing us as we thought it was filling in so we would turn the engine off and set the sails for downwind sailing,.. Read More


The original plan after leaving Fri was to head for Tristomo (a lagoon with a narrow entrance at the NE end of Karpathos), Chalki (an island off the W coast of Rhodes), and then Mandraki (at the NE end of Rhodes), following the western coasts of Karpathos and Rhodes. However, after further review of the forecast and consultation with the cruisers Greece sailing guide we decided to follow the eastern.. Read More